Wedding photography
Wedding photography
Professional and exclusive wedding photo sessions are usually made by two photographers - Ania and Przemek (it’s us! :)). Wedding session covers:
pictures from preparations of bride and groom
photographs from the wedding ceremony
photos from the wedding
an outdoor session
photos from the capping ceremony

You can also order a photo album and prints.

Wedding photographies are to be perfect, stunning, breathtaking, no matter who is actually watching them and how trained is his or her eye. But we know how to take a picture that not only will impress you but also your parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, grandmas and grandpas and each and every one who attended your wedding (or not :)). We’ve been composing shots and preparing people for different photo sessions for a very long time so we can guarantee you the best results. We know how to use lighting and make your photos be those of the best quality and artistic value.

And we do all this at the speed of light and in ever changins circumstances, events and scenes.