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Personal data
All data in the GOODSHOT database of Przemysław Skóra is stored and adequately protected against access by unauthorized persons, in accordance with the "Personal Data Protection Act".
The administrator of your personal data is GOODSHOT Przemysław Skóra GOODSHOT Przemysław Skóra with registered office 44-100 Gliwice ul. Paweł Stalmach 8/3.
The customer has the right to access their data and correct them. The customer has the right to report the cessation of the processing of his data for marketing purposes. GOODSHOT Przemysław Skóra does not sell or transfer personal data to other entities, unless the obligation to provide the data results from the provisions of the superior law, or it is necessary to claim GOODSHOT Przemysław Skóra in the event of violation of its rights by the customer.
Personal data may be collected by GOODSHOT Przemysław Skóra also when it is necessary for the implementation of another, specific purpose, consistent with the law (handling complaints, settling disputable issues).
Marketing goals
Customers who want to receive marketing and commercial information from GOODSHOT Przemysław Skóra
Newsletter - Using the GOODSHOT Newsletter service Przemysław Skóra is voluntary and indefinite. In order to provide this service "Newsletter", GOODSHOT Przemysław Skóra acquires names of e-mail addresses from interested parties. A registered person can change or delete his or her data entered in the registration process at any time.
In order to receive messages through the "Newsletter" service, the interested person is also asked to indicate their consent to the processing of their data in order to use the service. The consent to the processing of personal data should be confirmed by clicking on the acceptance in the place marked for that purpose. The data subject has the right to access their data and the possibility of correcting them. The data is provided by the persons to whom they relate voluntarily, however, without providing it, it is not possible to provide the "Newsletter" service.
"Cookies" are small files that websites save on devices that allow browsing websites (computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones). These files are used for remembering individual user preferences (eg website language), they also enable personalization of websites in terms of displayed content and matching of advertisements. "Cookies" also allow to create anonymous statistics of visits to websites, but they can be used to track Users' activity on the Internet.
A user who does not consent to the collection of the above information may disable the use of "cookies" in his web browser. Disabling "cookies" will not block the use of the Website.
The website uses two basic types of files (cookies) - session and permanent. Session files are temporary, they are stored until you leave the website (by entering a different page, logging out or turning off the browser). Permanent files are stored in the user's end device until they are deleted by the user or for the time resulting from their settings.
The website uses Google Analytics to collect cookies. The data obtained in this way are collected and processed for the purpose of measuring website traffic, creating statistics, and obtaining information on how to use the website. Due to the fact that Google LLC has a registered office and a partial infrastructure in the United States of America, data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area. Google LLC joined Privacy Shield, approved by the decision of the European Commission, guaranteeing the appropriate level of protection of personal data required by European regulations.
Updates to the Privacy Policy
This Policy is constantly updated to be adapted to the activities of the Administrator. The current version is valid from May 25, 2018.